You + Your business

This team can help you with the structuring of your business, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, international trade, disputes, and privacy. Here you will also find our specialists in the areas of financing, copyright, brands, design rights, databases, trade names and patents.

Structuring or restructuring your business

Businesses grow. And as a business grows, so does its management. Investors come and go, as do shareholders. You carry out the business. Marree + Dijxhoorn ensures that agreements are clear and recorded in in clearly-worded contracts, regulations, agreements, and dispute settlements

Mergers, acquisitions, business succession planning

You buy or sell your company. You pass it on to the next generation, or enter into an intensive partnership, whether or not in the Netherlands. Marree + Dijxhoorn can supervise the transaction and draw up all the relevant documents. No matter how large or small your deal, this team has the experience.
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Disputes that affect your business

Interests sometimes diverge. That is how disputes develop between a business and its shareholders, directors, suppliers, customers, employees, or trade unions. If there’s an impasse, then the specialists at Marree + Dijxhoorn can help find a solution. If necessary, we will assist you with legal proceedings. We have extensive experience of legal proceedings at the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Appeal Court.

Financial law, insolvency, bankruptcies

Do you have a question about financial regulation? Do you have doubts about the actions of a financial institution, bank, insurance company, asset manager or trust agency? Is there a likelihood of a dispute about an interest rate swap, bond, mortgage, pledge, or other financial instrument? Are you facing bankruptcy, director liability post-bankruptcy or retention of title? Are you looking for a watertight financing agreement? Or would you like a credit agreement, surety contract or guarantee to be assessed? Our team of specialists will be pleased to advise you, in language that is understandable.

Privacy and GDPR issues

Businesses and organisations from a variety of sectors seek the advice of our specialists on privacy issues. What’s the position on camera surveillance? What personal data are you allowed to process or share? Do you need a processing agreement to be able to do so? Are you a processor? What should you do in the event of a data breach? Is your privacy policy adequate? Our specialists will be pleased to help you prevent disputes.

Intellectual Property

A well-thought-out idea could be worth a fortune. But how do you exploit and protect that idea? And when are you the rights holder, and of what? Our experts have a wealth of experience in the field of intellectual property and IT and will be happy to provide you with the benefit of their knowledge. IP issues relate to the use and infringement of copyright, design rights, brands, patents, trade names, portraits, databases, know-how and domain names. Examples include a franchisor seeking to license its business formula, licences for custom-made software, or infringements relating to an invention, design, or brand.


The continuity of your business is of vital importance and should not be hampered by the building of an online store or development of complex administrative software. Our specialists in ICT law will be pleased to guide you through this complex field. Our experts have a wealth of experience in the field of intellectual property and IT and will be happy to provide you with the benefit of their knowledge.

Cross-border transactions, distribution and agency agreements

Cross-border projects and transactions are of increasing importance for Dutch businesses. And that means the same applies for Marree + Dijxhoorn as well. We also have a great deal of experience in assisting foreign companies in the Netherlands, thanks to our international networks.
Marree + Dijxhoorn also offers advice on agency relationships, distribution and franchises.

International aspects of contracts

A frequent feature of international operations is the failure to comply with agreements in full. Our work varies from simple debt-collection procedures to complicated disputes about guarantees. In many cases, it is necessary to identify what law is applicable, or which court is the competent court to make a decision.

Cross-border participations

International trade can sometimes be complex. Businesses acquire interests in foreign companies or set up foreign subsidiaries – Foreign companies do the same thing in the Netherlands. The Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions Team at Marree + Dijxhoorn can provide invaluable expertise in this area.