Are you finding it difficult to enter into dialogue with an employee, shareholder, the works council or with your employer? Or do you have a business dispute about a contract? Would you like an expert and impartial partner to help facilitate the discussion? Do you want to reach a quick solution, keep the costs down and is maintaining the relationship important to you? If so, Marree + Dijxhoorn mediation is the appropriate remedy.

More than one way to a solution

Marree + Dijxhoorn is here to resolve your problems. In many cases, a piece of advice or a letter can be enough to put a solution within easy reach. Sometimes, though, more is needed, for example the seizure of goods, or court proceedings. Our lawyers are just the people to help in such situations. However, mediation is often an efficient and affordable alternative in order to resolve a dispute.

Mediations: 90% successful

Our primary aim is to resolve conflicts in a businesslike manner. If people are able to shake hands afterwards, even where differences of opinions have run very deep, then that’s a bonus. What is even better is when people can share their different perspectives before a conflict has had time to materialise. This is something we are happy to help with.

Focus on interests

As well as possessing legal knowledge, our mediator has the skills to resolve disputes amicably. In doing so, we help parties keep the issue at hand separate from their relationship. We invite you to focus on your interests. You are better able to articulate your interests when you put your emotions to one side.

Mediators Ariënne Inden and Tally Opbroek

Ariënne and Tally are both partner at Marree + Dijxhoorn.

Ariënne has been an employment lawyer since 2000 and has a pragmatic and results-oriented approach. With patience and tact, she guides parties towards solutions that everyone can accept. Her managerial experience is of great value in such situations. Ariënne is an MfN (Netherlands mediators’ federation) registered mediator.

Tally has also been a lawyer since 2000 and specializes in employment law. Tally acts as a mediator in (international) labor issues, business disputes and conflicts between shareholders, As a mediator she has a good overview of situations and is able to bring parties to a solution with a good feeling. Tally is an MfN (Netherlands mediators’ federation) registered mediator.

Costs and location

Mediation costs are based on our mediator’s hourly rate. In many cases, the parties share the costs. Mediation often works quickly. That keeps costs down. At our central location in Amersfoort, Marree + Dijxhoorn has suitable premises for mediation discussions. That keeps a limit on your travelling time and expenses.