Marree + Dijxhoorn is affiliated to – and consciously takes a leading role in – several international networks of independent legal firms. The purpose of this is to ensure that Marree + Dijxhoorn provides outstanding services to your business in cross-border issues, which occur only too frequently. It means, for example, that Marree + Dijxhoorn can assist its clients in relation to international matters with help and support from our excellent colleagues in other countries.


ALLIURIS (Alliance of International Business Lawyers) is a network of law firms in various countries, with branches in Amsterdam, Brussels, Amersfoort, London, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Hanover, Zug, Vienna, Moscow, Minsk, Poznan, Warsaw, Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul, Dubai, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

ALLIURIS members consist of independent medium-sized law firms who specialise in European and international company law.

The partnerships in ALLIURIS give our clients the certainty that they will receive good-quality and constructive legal assistance in cross-border matters from firms with a similar profile to that of Marree + Dijxhoorn.

Alexander Steenaert is Vice-President of the Executive Board of ALLIURIS. For information about ALLIURIS, please contact him or visit the ALLIURIS website.

Eurojuris International

Eurojuris International is a leading network of independent and selected law firms. In Europe, Eurojuris is represented in every European Union country. Additionally, dozens of law firms in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and North and South America are affiliated to Eurojuris International. The Eurojuris International network encompasses around 650 law firms employing some 5,500 lawyers. The network offers the benefits of direct contacts, quick legal advice, and knowledge, skills, and representation for businesses, government bodies, and individual clients.


Eurojuris International has wide experience of service provision for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Marree + Dijxhoorn is a member of the International Business Group (IBG) of Eurojuris International. To give you an idea of how the IBG can help you, please click on the link to their website.

If you have any questions about Eurojuris, please contact Hans Jonkhout or visit their website at or


Jurismus is part of an extensive network of Eurojuris International law firms. Jurismus is an association for younger lawyers who work in the law firms affiliated to Eurojuris International. Jurismus has organised numerous meetings and lectures for its members in the past ten years.

If you have any questions about Jurismus, please contact Hans Jonkhout or visit the Jurismus website.