Markets evolve, so your business must adapt. This applies to the sphere of employment as much as any other sphere, covering topics such as: terms and conditions of employment, restructuring, redundancies, employees who are sick, collective labour agreements and works council consultations. Additionally, the legislation on pensions, social security, privacy, and taxes is in constant flux. Our Employment Team will be pleased to meet you.

Streamlining terms and conditions of employment

Perhaps your business is growing, or you are taking over a company. This will have a direct impact on the employees. The Employment Team at Marree + Dijxhoorn specialises in amending terms and conditions of employment. This includes whenever you decide to downsize your company or make strategic changes. We can help you by formulating the best options for your business and drawing up a step-by-step plan.

Works Council

Do you have experience of the procedures on obtaining advice from works councils and gaining their consent? We have broad-ranging experience and can help with requests for advice, negotiations and strategy. If your company does not have a works council, we can help ascertain whether this is a legal requirement for your business. If so, we can provide a plan for setting one up. And we can train the members of your works council, with the help of a custom-made programme.

Recruitment and terminating employment

What are the terms and conditions for your employees? Is there a collective labour agreement (CAO)? Is there a non-compete clause? Zero or fixed hours, temporary or permanent? What information are you allowed to keep under current privacy legislation? What should you do when making someone redundant, and if a conflict arises? When do you apply a particular measure – warning, demotion, suspension, dismissal? And what do you do if an employee does not hone the agreements made in relation to workplace reintegration? What should you do in the event of an employment conflict that relates to a person’s incapacity to work? We can guide you through the whole process, including litigation if necessary. Our team of specialists have extensive experience of legal proceedings.

Cross-border employment

Businesses may be registered in one country, but employ people in a different country; there are also situations where employees reside in one country, but work in a different country. This gives rise to questions such as: Who is covered by Dutch law? What is the 30% rule for expats? What matters can you bring before a Dutch court? The Employment Team at Marree + Dijxhoorn has all the answers.

Equal treatment

Does an employee believe he is being treated differently? Because of his gender, age, or ethnic origins, for example? Or perhaps because he is disabled or ill? The Employment Team has all the necessary knowledge to advise and assist you with legal proceedings or at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights.

Employees and the self-employed

As an employer, the board of directors, or the supervisory board, are you facing a conflict – potential or actual – with an employee, manager, or director? We can help you make the right strategic choices. Our services can also benefit individual employees, managers, and directors. We’ll be very pleased to help resolve difficult situations with your employer. Perhaps you are looking to start up your own business, but are impeded by a competition clause. Welcome to Marree + Dijxhoorn!