Proactive + Decisive

You + We


Your business always comes first. You sometimes need legal assistance in order to move forward. If there is a dispute for example, within or outside your company. You do not avoid problems. But legal answers do not resolve everything. That’s why you choose a legal partner with a wider perspective.


The legal route is one of many. Working with you, we identify all the possible solutions. We will do whatever is necessary, taking into account the financial consequences that a court case would have on a business. Sometime mediation or settlements are more productive. And prevention is always a better option. Contracts that are precise and clearly-worded help, as does a personal approach.

Focus + Confidence

Personal attention, quick service, decisive action, and effective feedback strengthen your confidence in us. That is a prerequisite for standing out. And that is why we can be reached day and night. We keep you up-to date about any significant developments that could affect your business. Even if there are no immediately pressing matters.

Dispute = Threat + Opportunity

Facts + Figures

Established in 1981 • commercially-oriented lawyers • in
+ outside the Netherlands • for small + large businesses •
office at a central location in the Netherlands: Central Amersfoort • 15 lawyers + administrative staff.