Every business has to deal at some point with commercial property. For many years now, our Commercial Property Team has been assisting building companies, contractors, project developers, property owners, housing associations and corporations, institutions and investors with issues such as: renting and letting, purchasing and selling, building, converting, renovating and developing. We advise businesses, even if they do not operate in the property sector. Our Commercial Property Team is your ideal partner for advice and negotiations concerning commercial property. They are specialised in environmental and building regulations, zoning plans and issues affecting near neighbours. And they also know how to deal with other parties, such as banks, contractors, and government bodies.

Renting and purchasing

Businesses have to deal with tenancy law more often than you might think. As a result of legal rulings and decisions made by policymakers, this area of law is constantly evolving. The property specialists at Marree + Dijxhoorn are completely at home in this field. They know all there is to know about commercial-level rental contracts, housing, and land.

Issues faced by every business

These are issues that every business has to face, from an international organisation to the local corner shop. This is what makes tenancy law so interesting, yet challenging to manage. Businesses ask us about rental agreements, rental agreement transfers, rental prices, service charges, the rights of tenants, subdivisions of renting companies, maintenance, and renovation. Everyone knows that the rules are legion. And the rules governing residential property and commercial property are not the same.

Building and project development

Let the Commercial Property Team at Marree + Dijxhoorn assist you from the very beginning with the legal aspects of building projects, project development, contractors, and the outsourcing of work. If necessary, we will take your case to court or the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry.


Our property specialists can support you when dealing with all the pitfalls relating to building and planning permission, whether you want advice with a patio or a light mast, or need help with taxes or exemptions. When are building permits required? What steps can you take if a permit is not issued or refused? And what happens if you receive a fine? We will be happy to help!