Ariënne Inden

Partner | Lawyer | MfN-registermediator | Team Employement

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Ariënne Inden

Ariënne Inden has been employed at Marree + Dijxhoorn since 2007 and became a partner in 2016. In April 2018, she joined the management committee together with fellow partner Roel Hart. 

Ariënne joined the legal profession in 2000 as a specialist in the field of employment law. She advises, negotiates, and litigates in cases of individual and collective dismissal, restructurings, competition and relationship clauses, the reintroduction of employees after a long absence, sickness, and other areas. She is happy to share ideas with boards, CHROs, HR managers, entrepreneurs, organisations, supervisory boards, or works councils in complex strategic issues. Examples include dismissal procedures with managing directors, advice, and approval requests to works councils, mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, and difficult absenteeism or dismissal cases. Ariënne also has experience of disciplinary cases in the child protection sector.

As well as being a lawyer, Ariënne is a certified MfN (Netherlands mediators’ federation) mediator. This role gives her considerable satisfaction from resolving apparently impossible situations in the workplace between an employer/manager and employee, for example, or between a works council and the business, or within a team.
As a mediator and a lawyer, Ariënne has a no-nonsense, purposeful, and pragmatic approach, never losing sight of the progress being made and always aiming for a good result.

Ariënne grew up in a business-minded family and understands better than anyone that entrepreneurs want clear, concise, and concrete advice. Wherever an issue can be resolved in a short period of time, she aims to reach a settlement. If this does not prove possible, then Ariënne’s considerable experience of legal proceedings will ensure that you are well represented in the courtroom.

Board member, Vereniging Amersfoortse Bedrijven (VAB)
Member, Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (VAAN)
Member, Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Midden-Nederland (VAAMN)
Member, Vereniging Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN)

Ariënne Inden has registered the following areas of law in the register of areas of law of the Dutch Bar Association: Employment Law. Pursuant to this registration, she is required to obtain ten training credits in each registered main area of law each calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.