Insurance & Liability

Our Insurance and Liability Team works for many insurance companies and for businesses who have to deal with insurance matters. Our insurance specialists deal with damages, policy terms and conditions, and disputes relating to cover.

Problems relating to the division of debts, fraud, breaches of a duty of disclosure, traffic liability, employer liability, recourse, product liability, product recall, vertical transport, insurance terms and conditions, commercial liability, personal injury and causal links are just some of the areas in which these specialists have experience.

Insurance companies

Marree + Dijxhoorn drafts policy wordings for insurance companies and carries out assessments. We also investigate whether claims are covered or not. And we help resolve cross-border problems concerning healthcare insurance.


Our Insurance & Liability Team helps insurance companies and businesses reduce exaggerated claims to realistic proportions. This includes claims for damages in the event of incapacity for work, traffic injuries, director liability, lost baggage, or damaged cargo. Marree + Dijxhoorn investigates whether such claims are justified. In the case of liability claims, we investigate whether they are justified.


Sometimes, insurance policies do not pay out; the damage may not be covered, or the policyholder may not have disclosed certain information. Clients also engage our services in the event of disputes concerning personal injury, fire, incapacity for work and life insurance. Marree + Dijxhoorn is fully acquainted with privacy laws and those relating to the protection of personal data. Whenever we can prevent matters reaching the courts, we reach a settlement.

Insurance fraud

People who submit claims sometimes exaggerate the level of damage involved. Marree + Dijxhoorn advises in the area of combating insurance fraud.


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