Willem Timmers

Lawyer | Corporate law Team

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Willem Timmers

Willem Timmers has been employed as a lawyer at Marree + Dijxhoorn since 2016. His main area of focus is intellectual property, IT law, privacy, and contract law.

Willem is a graduate of Leiden University and specialises in intellectual property law, including copyright, trade mark law and design law.

During his time as a student, he spent several years working in the legal profession on a voluntary basis. After graduating, he worked as a lawyer in the field of intellectual property law and IT law at a large bank/insurance company, at a niche law firm in Amsterdam. Alongside his studies and his work, he had his own IT company for more than 13 years, giving him a unique insight into IT and privacy-related matters.

Member of the Vereniging voor Privacyrecht
Member of the Vereniging voor Auteursrecht
Member of the Vereniging voor Reclamerecht
Member of the Vereniging Jonge Procesadvocaten
Specialist programme on IP law (at the Mr S.K. Martens Academie)