Latife Tuncer

Lawyer | Corporate Law Team

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Latife Tuncer

Latife Tuncer joined Marree + Dijxhoorn in June 2021 in the Enterprise team.

Latife received her bachelor’s degree in law from Utrecht Law College, which is Utrecht University’s honours programme. In addition, she participated in Descartes College, an interdisciplinary and university-wide honours programme. Subsequently, she completed the Masters of Private Law (LLM’s Honours Programme) and Business and Law.

Latife previously gained experience as a junior court clerk and in the legal profession. After her studies, she worked for a legal-expenses insurer as a lawyer in general contract-law.

Latife was sworn in as a lawyer and qualified barrister in July 2021 and is engaged in company law, in particular corporate litigation. This section includes proceedings at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. She is moreover involved in company mergers and acquisitions. In conclusion, she provides clients with advice with respect to contract law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Latife is creative and always endeavours to find appropriate solutions. Yet, where necessary, she will not avoid taking a case to court.