Judith Anema

Lawyer | Salary Partner | Head of the Corporate law Team

+31 (0)6 5195 8811


Judith Anema

Judith Anema has been working as a lawyer at Marree + Dijxhoorn since 2003, having qualified in 1991. Her area of focus is company law, with a preference for corporate litigation. This includes legal proceedings before the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Appeal Court. Judith is also involved with company mergers and acquisitions. Her clients include private enterprises in and outside the Netherlands, family businesses, managing directors/major shareholders and listed companies. She heads the Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions Team.

Judith advises foreign companies seeking to launch or expand their activities in the Netherlands. For several years, Judith chaired the Corporate Practice Group at Eurojuris International, of which network Marree + Dijxhoorn is a member.

Her background as a top-level athlete is ideal when it comes to getting her teeth into a case, attaining her goals, and not giving up. These are very useful character traits to have during legal proceedings or an acquisition process.

Member of Vereniging Corporate Litigation
Member of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation Appeals Committee

Judith Anema has registered the following areas of law in the register of areas of law of the Dutch Bar Association: Corporate Law. Pursuant to this registration, she is required to obtain ten training credits in each registered main area of law each calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.